Information for Attorneys

Thank you for your interest in the services Guardians of Hope provides. We would like to provide you with some information to help us form a positive working relationship wherein we can help the children visit with their parent.


We ask that you provide us with as much information on the case that you possibly can to help us facilitate a positive visit.

We require the name, address and telephone number of your client.

We ask that you send us copies of the court order, protective order, and any other documents pertinent to facilitating the visit.
The visitation notes remain the property of Guardians of Hope; however, notes will be released with fifteen (15) business days advance written notice from the attorneys of record, even with a subpoena. However, when requested we release the notes to all attorneys of record.
We require a subpoena for court appearances and there is a fee involved. (Refer to the Fee Schedule)
We ask that you remain flexible with the visitation schedule and when possible contact us prior to setting the visitation schedule in order for us to best serve your client. The other alternative is to leave the visitation schedule open with regard to which weekends the visits occur or to our availability.
We ask that you contact Guardians of Hope when there are any changes to the court order, the visitation schedule or when supervised visitation is deemed no longer necessary whether by agreement of all parties or the Court.