monitored exchange program 

Guardians of Hope’s Monitored Exchange Program supports non-violence and the strengthening of families by offering parents the ability to participate in a safe, conflict free exchange.  These monitored exchanges occur when parents are not able to facilitate the exchange of the child(ren) without further complicating an already highly emotional and difficult situation.  monitored exchangeA monitored exchange helps to remove some of the stress of transferring children between parents during and after a divorce by engaging a third party in the exchange process, hopefully, eliminating the usual contact between the individuals who are emotionally vested in the children.  We realize that exchanges can be difficult at times, therefore, we ask that you discuss your concerns with the Executive Director or the Exchange Monitor prior to the initial exchange occurring.

Guardians of Hope will facilitate the exchange after completion of the registration and application process by both parties.  A neutral, safe exchange location will be decided on by the Guardians of Hope Monitor unless otherwise stated in a Court Order or Mediated Settlement Agreement.  A Registration Fee of $75.00 needs to be paid prior to establishing the exchange location and then a $55.00 fee per exchange will be accessed.  An exchange occurs every time the children go from one party to the other party.  These fees for this service may be paid by cash, check, money order or through PayPal through this website.

Guardians of Hope staff’s main concern is the safety and well-being of the children involved in the exchanges and will not release children to a parent who appears to be under the influence of a controlled substance or does not have proper safety precautions in place for their children, i.e. proper car seats, seatbelts, etc.  We will ask that another adult come for the children or that the exchanging parent obtain proper car seats.

Please complete the Monitored Exchange Application and the Contractual Agreement to Participate.  These forms may be downloaded, printed out and then completed to start this process moving forward.

Download: Monitored Exchange Application and the Contractual Agreement.