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We at Guardians of Hope are here to help children and parents have the best visits possible. We strive to make the children’s visits with their parent comfortable and natural while providing the security and safety needed. The supervised visits are arranged by the court when they are deemed necessary.

Areas served:

Fort Bend County • Harris County • Montgomery County • San Jacinto County • Walker County • and Surrounding Counties

  Children are our nation's most precious resource and as such we need to help them have the best life possible. Unfortunately many times there are problems that arise in a family causing the family unit to be shattered. The children are the ones who seem to try and take on the responsibility of maintaining some sort of normal relationship with both parents after the family unit has deteriorated. When a family has problems with drugs, alcohol, violence, or sexual abuse the court has to step in and try to protect the child(ren). We at Guardians of Hope realize that children do not see the world in the same way that adults, judges, attorneys or other professionals do. Children love both parents and want to have a relationship with them even though at times the continuation of a normal relationship with one parent is not feasible. The Court has to step in to protect the child(ren) while acknowledging the realization that most children want to see both parents. The judge after hearing the concerns with respect to the non-custodial parent's questionable behavior will order that visitation with the child(ren) be supervised by someone that is not a party in the suit and this is why Guardians of Hope was established.



  The Judge orders supervised visitation and this is when Guardians of Hope may be contacted. We provide private supervised visitation for individuals in this situation. Our trained supervisors accompany these parents on the visits with their child(ren). We have the ability to provide a bi-lingual supervisor when necessary.



  We make it possible for the visits to be more natural by allowing the visiting parent to take their child(ren) to a wide variety of places. A private supervisor facilitates a safe visit while providing the visiting parent with a better environment for a more natural visit with their child(ren). While the supervisor allows the parent to choose the location of the visit in most cases she or he maintains the authority to deem a location not suitable for the well-being of the child(ren). The supervisor must maintain close proximity to the parent and the child(ren) in order to monitor their conversation and watch for any signs of possible inappropriate behavior.




The visits take place according to the court order. The visits are generally scheduled for a Wednesday or Thursday night during the week and on Saturday and Sunday on the weekend. The length of time for most visits ranges from two to six hours. While the visits generally fall in these schedules, some can extend to overnight visitation and Guardians of Hope has the resources to provide this service. We do our very best to provide supervised visitation when it is needed.

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Norma Willcockson

Founder/Executive Director